This Diwali Let’s Not Just Light Up, But Be Enlightened To Live A Sustainable And Happy Lifestyle

On this Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, we should conquer over the evil and crisis mankind has brought upon itself and the world by destroying our unending gluttony and adopting an enlightened lifestyle that depends more on sustainable, eco-friendly and organic products and services than fossil fuel and depleting natural resources to truly usher in health, happiness and prosperity. Let’s initiate it with the true prayer beautifully expressed in the mantras from Upanishad: Asato Ma Sadgamaya, Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya, Mrtyorma Amrtam Gamaya

International Day Of Rural Women 2016 Feature: Unleashing The Potential Of Women In Rural India

A little more than 48% of rural population in India are women, who constitute 30.8 per cent of the rural work force. 71 per cent of women in this work force work as agricultural labourers, besides all of them providing food, water, feed, fodder, fibre and fuel, child care, elderly care along with complex multiple household chores, Yet they do not feature as economically productive in India’s socio-economic ecosystem and are deprived of all rights to education, property, life supporting resource and right to make life decisions. This International Day of rural women, we question, why?

5 Questions That Need To Be Answered While Scaling Up Your Social Enterprise

IT’S NOT ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF WEALTH YOU CAN ACCUMULATE, IT’S ABOUT THE IMPACT AND CHANGE YOU CAN CREATE. – NEIL BLUMENTHAL, WARBY PARKER FOUNDER. They very definition of a for-profit social enterprise is earning money while doing social good and scaling up is needed to bring larger impact. Here are 5 questions you need to answer while you scale up your social enterprise, guided by some of the most successful social entrepreneurs.

Career In Social Entrepreneurship: Not A Big Hit Among MBA Students But Future Looks Promising

In the era of innovation and disruptive thinking, solving the myriad complex socio-economic problems of our country need to be looked into from the point of view of Profit with a Purpose Social Entrepreneurial model. But are our new-generation business management graduates ready to take it up as a career? The answer is not very encouraging as of now but the future holds promise. Read to know why.