Economic Inclusion Of People With Disability Can Happen Through Social Entrepreneurship

People with disabilities have incorrectly been considered as economically unproductive. They can actually contribute to the GDP up to 5 to 8%. For-profit social entrepreneurship can address the plight of people with disabilities by identifying their strength and special talent and engaging them in innovative, sustainable and scale-able enterprises.

International Women’s Day Feature: Rachna Trivedi – The Woman Of A Changing India

Rachna Trivedi, a woman next door and an erstwhile homemaker, is evolving as an ace entrepreneur, a responsible mother and a happy individual despite the untimely death of her husband. Kudos to her indomitable spirit and her belief in herself. Like her, women must defy all regressive traditions society imposes on them and instead become confident and productive citizens.

Self Help Groups– Untapped Vehicles To Deliver Social Impact

Self Help Groups or SHGs have been working as vehicles of economic self sustenance and socio-cultural empowerment of poor and low income groups, especially rural women over last three decades. In the emerging scenario of a For-Profit Social Enterprise, SHGs may prove to be important and useful partners in building inclusive yet profitable ventures to alleviate poverty and deliver sustainable solutions.

The Subhadras of Mumbai – Ferrying Women Safely In Their Priyadarshini Taxi

With more and more women joining the workforce and reaching out to explore the world on their own, the need for women friendly, safe taxi service in cities like Mumbai is the need of the hour. It has opened up the scope of a social entreprise that provides both ends of the economic strata of women – a world of freedom and self-sustenance. Priyadarshini Taxi Service is such a social entrepreneurship founded by social activist and entrepreneur Susiben Shah.

We Need To Teach Social Entrepreneurship In High School

The present day, heavily theoretical, evaluation-centric education system in India hardly puts any emphasis on problem solving. If we really want the future generations to uplift our country from the multitude of socio-economic and environmental ills plaguing it, we need to educate them about these problems and encourage them to come up with solutions. Why not start in high school?

This Diwali Let’s Not Just Light Up, But Be Enlightened To Live A Sustainable And Happy Lifestyle

On this Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, we should conquer over the evil and crisis mankind has brought upon itself and the world by destroying our unending gluttony and adopting an enlightened lifestyle that depends more on sustainable, eco-friendly and organic products and services than fossil fuel and depleting natural resources to truly usher in health, happiness and prosperity. Let’s initiate it with the true prayer beautifully expressed in the mantras from Upanishad: Asato Ma Sadgamaya, Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya, Mrtyorma Amrtam Gamaya

International Day Of Rural Women 2016 Feature: Unleashing The Potential Of Women In Rural India

A little more than 48% of rural population in India are women, who constitute 30.8 per cent of the rural work force. 71 per cent of women in this work force work as agricultural labourers, besides all of them providing food, water, feed, fodder, fibre and fuel, child care, elderly care along with complex multiple household chores, Yet they do not feature as economically productive in India’s socio-economic ecosystem and are deprived of all rights to education, property, life supporting resource and right to make life decisions. This International Day of rural women, we question, why?

Career In Social Entrepreneurship: Not A Big Hit Among MBA Students But Future Looks Promising

In the era of innovation and disruptive thinking, solving the myriad complex socio-economic problems of our country need to be looked into from the point of view of Profit with a Purpose Social Entrepreneurial model. But are our new-generation business management graduates ready to take it up as a career? The answer is not very encouraging as of now but the future holds promise. Read to know why.