Understanding Employer Branding For Social Enterprises With Victoria Lynden

Social enterprises depend on their peers and friends for being a part of their social good brand and shoulder functional responsibilities. But most of the times, not all are qualified enough to execute the challenges that the job poses. Unlike, MNCs and Government organizations, social enterprises neither have the money or the fringe benefits to entice prospective employees to join their organization. Join me with Victoria Lynden, Founder of Kohana Coffee to learn more about Employer Branding practices for Social Enterprises.

Featured Guest Blogger: Amanda Avutu, Founder, Good Egg Branding: Storytelling for the Socially Responsible.

Amanda Avutu (AA) is a brand storyteller with a thing for good eggs—not the kind you get scrambled, the kind who want to make a difference while making a buck. The founder of Good Egg Branding, Amanda works with social entrepreneurs to discover, articulate, and shout their brand stories from the urban-farmed rooftops. Her fiction appears…