Social Entrepreneurship Challenge – 2017 At Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune

Business plan competitions sprung up rapidly in the last 10-15 years to boost the Start-Up Culture. However what’s different about events like The Social Entrepreneurship Challenge – 2017 is that they offer a much-needed platform for the young and passion-driven social entrepreneurs to put their ideas to test as first step towards their career in social entrepreneurship.

Career In Social Entrepreneurship: Not A Big Hit Among MBA Students But Future Looks Promising

In the era of innovation and disruptive thinking, solving the myriad complex socio-economic problems of our country need to be looked into from the point of view of Profit with a Purpose Social Entrepreneurial model. But are our new-generation business management graduates ready to take it up as a career? The answer is not very encouraging as of now but the future holds promise. Read to know why.

Achieving India’s Sustainable Development Goals In Healthcare Through Social Entrepreneurial Efforts

India needs fresh thinking, innovative approach and scalable models of healthcare services. Government will do its job but it is the social entrepreneurs that will affect change on the ground in a major way in next 15 years. If both of them work in tandem, achieving India’s SDGs in healthcare by 2030 will not be difficult.