5 Ways To An Effective Crowdfunding Campaign For Nonprofits

Social Good Brands have inherent advantage of being looked at kindly by their donors. But this advantage is fast wearing off. Fund-raising for doing social good has become competitive and calls for an equally creative approach towards promotion as any other campaign. Applying Visual storytelling to a crowdfunding campaign can be highly rewarding to social good brands. Here are 5 ways to increase traffic and facilitate engagement for your crowdfunding campaign.

Pointers for an effective Crowdfunding campaign for Indian photographers

Before the rise of crowdfunding as a medium to raise funds, photographers relied on either their personal savings or institutional grants for financing their pet projects. Today, crowdfunding has changed the rules of the game. It has not only made raising funds from several donors much easier but it also provides a platform to a photographer to showcase his or her work.

The New Age of Creation in the Indie Economy

For several decades, big production houses, curators, studios and institutions were the creators, financiers and presenters of innovation in arts, music, films and various other creative and social enterprises. Although the biggies still continue to do so there has been an explosive spurt in creative ideas and their implementation by individual artists, producers and entrepreneurs. Indie is an acronym for ‘independent’ and refers to the economic activity of such creative artists that’s giving rise to the Indie economy.