5 Questions That Need To Be Answered While Scaling Up Your Social Enterprise

IT’S NOT ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF WEALTH YOU CAN ACCUMULATE, IT’S ABOUT THE IMPACT AND CHANGE YOU CAN CREATE. – NEIL BLUMENTHAL, WARBY PARKER FOUNDER. They very definition of a for-profit social enterprise is earning money while doing social good and scaling up is needed to bring larger impact. Here are 5 questions you need to answer while you scale up your social enterprise, guided by some of the most successful social entrepreneurs.


Achieving India’s Sustainable Development Goals In Healthcare Through Social Entrepreneurial Efforts

India needs fresh thinking, innovative approach and scalable models of healthcare services. Government will do its job but it is the social entrepreneurs that will affect change on the ground in a major way in next 15 years. If both of them work in tandem, achieving India’s SDGs in healthcare by 2030 will not be difficult.