International Women’s Day Feature: Rachna Trivedi – The Woman Of A Changing India

Rachna Trivedi, a woman next door and an erstwhile homemaker, is evolving as an ace entrepreneur, a responsible mother and a happy individual despite the untimely death of her husband. Kudos to her indomitable spirit and her belief in herself. Like her, women must defy all regressive traditions society imposes on them and instead become confident and productive citizens.

Mitti: For The Cause Of Indigenous Artisans; A Short Visual

Mitti is an initiative to nurture and promote Indian handicraft and the cause of the artisans. It is an initiative that takes you back to your unique cultural roots in the face of an all pervading globally homogeneous cultural identity . With this vision, Mitti organises workshops cum exhibitions where artisans come from various regions of the country and demonstrate the technique of their craft to students of architecture and design studies.