Social Entrepreneurship: Next Stop In The Journey Of Social Innovation

Social innovation is taking place everywhere around us as we speak. It’s nothing but how we respond to the problems in our immediate vicinity as people. However some of us demonstrate a vision and take it beyond its original context for betterment of many others. They transform from being innovators to entrepreneurs and dream of a better world which would be worth living for tomorrow.

Personal Branding For Social Entrepreneurs: Why It’s Important And How To Build It

The Personal Brand of a social entrepreneur adds a persona to a social good brand that its audiences can connect to and engage with intimately. Apart from acquiring a loyal brand following, developing a personal brand of the entrepreneur as the organization’s mascot or brand ambassador could prove to be an effective branding strategy.

Understanding Employer Branding For Social Enterprises With Victoria Lynden

Social enterprises depend on their peers and friends for being a part of their social good brand and shoulder functional responsibilities. But most of the times, not all are qualified enough to execute the challenges that the job poses. Unlike, MNCs and Government organizations, social enterprises neither have the money or the fringe benefits to entice prospective employees to join their organization. Join me with Victoria Lynden, Founder of Kohana Coffee to learn more about Employer Branding practices for Social Enterprises.