At ROHANPOTDAR Creative Media LLP we see ourselves as passionate storytellers who craft stories of social innovation, social impact and social good through nonfiction multimedia short films, still images and editorial quality content.

We do this because we believe that STORYTELLING is the most awesome way of capturing, learning and accelerating the social change taking place around us. We have a natural affinity for CHANGEMAKERS and INNOVATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVERS and feel at home in the environment in which they work in.

Our mission is to Use Storytelling For Social Impact and we work with Social Entrepreneurs, Impact Accelerators and Philanthropy Organizations.

Hi, I am Rohan Potdar.

Non-fiction filmmaker & Producer & Storytelling Coach 


Announcing My Video Blog on Documentary Storytelling for Social Impact Brands

I am super-passionate about helping social entrepreneurs, changemakers and impact organizations tell stories of their social impact. In my quest to do this, I have personally interacted and developed rapport with many of them over last 2 years, right from grassroots level champions to IVY league educated innovators.  I create my stories through creative use of short motion features, real-life stills, content writing, blogging and live interviews.

An Engineer and MBA by training I took to storytelling by choice, initially as a hobby and eventually as a profession. Real, positive & meaningful stories are my forte. I have been featured in ’15 Inspired Young Indians Who Chose Their Dreams Over Stability’ by Homegrown- A youth media company powered by an online content platform. In May 2018, I was also featured in Humans of a Sustainable Planet, a project that showcases people making a difference in living sustainably.

In February 2019, I was invited as a speaker at 17th FICCI CSR Summit and Awards to present my views on ‘Storytelling for Change’. I also had the pleasure of conducting a workshop at  IIMB’s NSRCEL Social Santhe  on 10th May 2019.

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Hi, I am Ravi Mishra.

Head of Editing & Graphic Design


I am super passionate about bringing to life documentaries that tell stories of real people and real events through visual medium. As an editor, I have helped craft many short films on social impact and have traveled to several different parts of the country to shoot these stories.

By training, I am a B.Sc in Animation & Visual effects and I love to apply my knowledge of leading software tools and latest technologies in graphics designing, photo editing, video editing and graphics motion to the art of documentary filmmaking. Over the last 5 years, I have created a body of work in corporate video making, live event editing besides film editing.